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Redken Cover Fusion Hair Color


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Redken Cover Fusion Hair Color

Redken Cover Fusion Hair Color Redken's new technological breakthrough in hair color. 100% coverage with natural, modern reflects Provides superior coverage for hair that is most over 50% gray Low odor, low ammonia experience Delivers superior conditioning with rice protein and cationic conditioning polymers protect aging hair with argan oil which is rich in antioxidants known to neutralize free radicals 24 perfectly balanced shade options in 8 families

NN: NATURAL/NATURAL  gray coverage with a soft neutral reflect. 
NGb: NATURAL/GOLD/beige a sophisticated and refined golden-beige reflect.
NG: NATURAL/GOLD radiant golden tones that are rich and warm without being brassy or hollow.
NGc: NATURAL/GOLD/copper, warm gold tones with hints of copper that give your results a fashion edge while still being balanced and believable.
NBc: NATURAL/BROWN/copper, provides gorgeous warm brunettes with copper reflects.
NBr: NATURAL/BROWN/red, provides rich, gem-like cool red brown tones


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